Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween night, I'm tempted to visit the Castro tonight but I didn't get my Condie Rice costume together and I'm broke. The broke part is really preventing me from going out. There's a horror movie documentary at the Roxie tonight American Nightmare and I barely have enough for the ticket and nothing for popcorn. If I can't see a movie, I definitely can't afford visiting a bar for drinks. Might have to enjoy The Simpson's Tree House of Horror tonight.

This afternoon was a lazy day but I did enjoy the nice weather and walked with a friend on the Coastal Trail near the Legion of Honor. It was a perfect day for a walk, warm and clear. The weather is San Francisco is usually always great for Halloween October been a little funky but the weather came through.

Yesterday I went to the Palace of Fine Arts for the San Francisco Jazz Festival,
the Jazz Passengers were performing with the Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D no less.The Passengers presented new music and dialog for the film. The program was fun, their dialogue was cheesy but full of humor. The musical composition worked well with the film.

After the program we walked from the Marina Green to Fisherman wharf and enjoyed clam chowder in tourist-like fashion. Afterward we continued on the Embarcedero stopping for a drink at Pier 23 , this restaurant bar is a spot for tourist and locals it's comfortable with indoor and outdoor seating and regularly has live music. My only complaint is the drink/food prices are a little high. We finish our walk at the Ferry Building, I was eyeing the Wine Bar but with my thin pockets I didn't want to leech off my buddy. When I finally got on the Geary 38 to go home I was ready to chill.

Below a few pictures for Saturday and Sunday

Beautiful Remnants from the Pan Pacific Exhibition 1915

Palace of Fine Arts

Views of the Pacific Ocean on the Coastal Trail

View from Coastal Trail Checkout all the sail boats in the bay

The Rock, looking as inviting as an old prison can


Friday, October 29, 2004

Why watch television when you can see live theater. Yesterday evening I was able to see a solo performance at The Marsh Theater. It's a theater in the Mission District which present emerging artists and works.

I was able to get free tickets there was a post on the squidlist, an activity mailing list. But the number of the post was wrong, I should have known something was funny when I first called the number this guy answered stating that maybe his girl friend left the post. After a second call and being told the number was wrong I called the Marsh and was able to get passes.

What did I see? Wayne Harris' Train Stories. I remember when this Train Stories was presented at the Fringe festival last year but I missed it. The piece had a good reviews from the festival and good word for mouth from friends and for good reason. I found Harris' writing complicated and challenging, well done.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday evening I went to the beautician, my hair is falling out like some stress nighmare or remake of Hideo's Dark Water. Whenever I touch my hair long strains fall out it so damaged I won't be surprised if every strain broke off. I returned to my regular beautician who carelessly added the perm from hell, I haven't found a new beautician and I wanted him to see what was happening to my hair.

PERMS SUCK!!! He washed my hair, gave me an oil treatment, rolled my hair on curlers and charged me $50.00. Now I look like a Harpo Marx it's quite sad. Hopefully, I'll be able to work on Thursday without looking like an idiot.

I was planning to dress up as Condi Rice but hey Harpo is easy - I wonder if I can dye my hair blonde.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Yawn, it's Monday and I'm writing my post for the weekend. This weekend I was so busy checking out my free wireless access that I didn't post. I found out that with a wireless NIC card I have free internet. This amazed me because I live in an apartment on the third floor and the connection only seems to work when I move my laptop toward one window in my pad - it's very limited. Where is this connection coming from? An apartment building mate, someone who lives across the street or the neighborhood cafe two blocks away with free internet access? I have dial-up but the wireless connection is much faster so it's tempting to use. This is one security/moral issue I have to grapple with - I don't want to be a wireless leech. I just used the Linktest software and I'm finding two access points the more the merrier.

One positive is I'm now reading about wireless, I should have started this a couple of years ago but since technology changes with the speed of light it's never too late to join the party. Unless the technology has become completely obsolete and at that point it may become trendy.

Well, this weekend was a mixed bag it started early with a house party on Thursday night which was fun. The party was for her boyfriend and the place looked great she very creative. The group assembled was a quirky mixed of their friends and their parents. I love chatting with seniors - fresh perspectives you won't receive from the traditional party crew. Also seniors usually have a confidence they see younger folks as kids and feel free to converse with few pretensions.

Friday I hooked up with my buddy at Bruno's in the Mission District. Bruno's is really a San Francisco landmark in it's own right. Many locals used to visit Bruno for family dining before it became a hip restaurant and jazz club. We went to hear Los Mocosos a Latin funk ska band their music was fresh with its' mixture of musical flavors. I like Bruno for several reasons, 1. nice mix of people, 2. drinks not overly expensive, and 3. the stage is surrounded by the audience it's visually cool plus an interesting use of space. However, the bartenders created my Midori Sour three different ways, one time it was all Midori. Oh well we had a good time listening to the music and checking out the scene.

Rainy Saturday, it was good day for the movies, headed to the Red Vic in the Haight to see You Can't be Neutral on a Moving train. A film about the Historian Howard Zinn. Well I haven't read one of Zinn books now I have more inspiration to finally start reading. I had no idea Mr. Zinn was an activist or taught at Spelman College. I only knew him as a progressive historian, his story is very interesting. I alway drawn to stories where people don't fall into the same patterns followed by the majority of people. Zinn could simply enjoy a comfortable conformist life being a history professor but his passions run high.

After the film I strolled home in the rain, I've never been a rain walker it was a misty but lovely day to walk through Golden Gate Park. That evening I was planning to see Afrika Bambaataa at the DNA Lounge. Planet Rock is without doubt one of my favorite songs. It was my psyche up songs before test. I've never seen Bambaataa I was very hyped up to go.

My girlfriend called and confirmed the evening I watched a little baseball World Series took a nap got dress and no phone call. Called my friend; she was in bed with her man!! Why she didn't call I don't know? I was not angry but disappointed why be flaky if you can't hang just say it. Anyway I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

A foggy day in San Francisco, it's been cool and overcast this Saturday but if fog keeps you at home then this isn't the city for you. This morning I went crabbing at Crissy field near Fort Point in the Golden Gate National Parks System The Bay Area has an abundance of green space to enjoy, Crissy Field is relatively a new addition to the National Park System it's public opening was in 2001. The fishing pier wasn't upgraded but everything around it changed. The addition of trails, beach front, landscaping and visitor centers makes this area one of my favorite locations in the city. The views are wonderful and the area has enough facilities to keep all family members happy. Hopefully, the area won't become overly commercialized this would ruin this beautiful spot.

For $3.00 dollars the crabbing is a deal, the ranger provides the crabbing net, bait and instructions. You can crab for two hours; the ranger is mellow so you really get two hours to cast your net. We caught one starfish, three crabs, two babes and one adult all were thrown back to the sea. Only extreme hunger would inspire me to eat those critters, the San Francisco Bay isn't the cleanest of waters. The ranger said two crabs a month for adults should be your dietary maximum.

The park system offers a wide variety of programs hikes, bike rides, tours etc. check it out you might find an offerings to match your taste. We had a nice time hanging out and chatting with folks. The Warming Hut visitor Center gave me a place to grab a scone and hot chocolate all was good.

A couple of pictures below:

These folks added color on a foggy day

Ok I know it's the world smallest crab but I'm proud

Fishing on a dock in the Bay

After crabbing we headed on our bikes to Fort Mason, it's so close you could easily walk there, it's a flat and scenic stroll. At Fort Mason and through out San Francisco Open Studios is happening. An annual event, artists open their homes and workspaces to the public. Fort Mason is not like entering someone home, it a facilities that houses museums, non-profits, art and education programs, but you get the opportunity to view several artists in close proximity enjoy snacks, chat, and hopefully see something that catches your eye.

After Fort Mason we rode to the Hyde Street Pier, a National Historical Park which features historic ships. The ships are enough for a visit but it was the Sea Music festival that was the draw today. In my mind I was fantasizing about pirates singing Fifteen men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Didn't hear it but I heard a variety of songs from singers. We strolled through the ships listened to music. I would love taking my niece to this event who knows next year.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ocean beach Sunday morning at 5:00 AM, the sun hadn't risen and the beach was dark except for the shattering of camp fires along the coast. The rhythmic pulse of drums could be heard from the seawall until they meshed into the rolling cadence of the waves. Maafa has arrived and I'm here to remember and video tape the event.

Maafa is the commemoration to honor the millions of Africans who died in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade/Middle Passage. I didn't know Maafa is celebrated nationally but I was able to find several sites on Mafaa on the internet.

I think the Maafa memorials are a great idea, the kidnapping of African people from their homes, family and friends is one of the major tragedies of man. Thousands died on the seas being shipped as contraband in filthy cramp conditions their adductor supplied. Maafa is a time to remember them and all our ancestors.

The video camera was a loaner and the battery was dead in about 15 minutes. Fortunately, I brought the digital camera.

These are some pictures from the MAAFA Ocean Beach California 2004

Altar at the Gates of no Return

Walking with the Ancestors

Remembering the Ancestors


Saturday, October 09, 2004

I'm home after an enjoyable day and a half in the Wine Country. On Friday evening we drove to Santa Rosa, there were a few mishaps leaving the Bay Area, primarily related to my attempt to escape work. My manager kept assigning more assignments every minute. I woke up early to complete the never-ending task. I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was really burnt when we arrived in Santa Rosa. We had dinner downtown in a Taquiera and spent the night at Fountain Grove Inn . This Inn was comfortable but externally the structure looks like at 1960's office building. The hallways had this strange retro feeling, it was kind of cool, I kept expecting James Bond (Sean Connery) to appear from around the corner any moment.

The next morning we rose early and preceded to spend the day bike riding in the wine Country, we started the race early in Geyserville. The weather was cool with blue skies and except for the head wind it was a perfect day. We stopped at Bella Vineyards for the rest stop, very cute winery checkout their cave tasting room. It took us several hours to finish the ride the scenery was great and people generally were friendly. The wine country is a good place for a bike ride especially off-season. There are many places to stop and taste a little wine or continue riding through picture perfect scenery. I took a couple of pics but I'm only posting one. I wasn't satisfied with the images, they just didn't capture the day. We were on our bikes and saw this cute barn or farmhouse with the rolling vineyard.

Dry Creek Cutie

After riding we rushed backed to the Inn changed cloths and enjoyed a nice dinner with dancing at the Trentadue Winery. I was riding in Revolution 2004 a fund raiser for BORP an organization which provides recreational and outdoor activities for folks with disabilities.

They awarded the most successful fund raiser with a new bike and previewed a neat video of the day's events. After dinner and a little dancing I rode back to the Bay Area with a lady who was nice enough to give me a ride. Now five more hours of sleep and up again.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Up early Saturday morning, I promised my Aunt-in-law that I would participate in her church fund raiser. It's a five mile walk in the city. This year the walk was happening in the Western Addition and Fillmore District. These neighborhoods both have African-American communities I believe the church also wanted to do outreach to the community. The group was small but lively, we started on Post Street and made our way across Geary. I was walking with a cousin in-law. We weren't discipline enough to stay with our slower brethren we broke away from the group while chatting and walking at a good pace. Since we created a nice lead we decided to take a side trip to Alamo Square. San Francisco has several city squares located in various spots in the city.
Alamo Square is known for its' beautiful views. I've added a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Four of the Six Sisters (Alamo Square)

City Hall from Alamo Square

After Alamo Square we headed down Fulton to Fillmore Street, I've been hanging out Friday evening in the Fillmore lately at Rasselas but I hadn't checked out their morning activities. Several things were happening in Fillmore Saturday morning they where having a Farmer Market and jazz. We stopped at the farmers market checked out the musicians and visited Marcus Bookstore. San Francisco's bookstore that specializes in African-American books. After checking out the neighborhood we realized that everyone had finish the 5 miles but us. Afterward my Auntie fixed us lunch and dinner we had a full afternoon and evening for socializing and playing scramble.


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