Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday - Tuesday morning, morning, guess my three day weekend is over! Work is just a few hours away.....oh well. On Saturday evening I finally saw my first Giants game of the season. I have to admit I voted against the downtown stadium but I have eaten my words a dozen times. It's a great park, easy to access within the City, I rode my bike to a day game and there is bike valet bike parking at the stadium. In the evening, riding the bus and walking to the stadium from transbay terminal is a good a easy walk. We purchased tickets from a season ticket holder - great seats on the first base side. My favorite seats are the cheapie bleachers, the fans are a lot of fun and it's a great place to see home runs.

The Giants were playing Colorado with fireworks after the game. The Giants won the fireworks were ok. They were better last year - but it was a beautiful night no fog so this girl ain't complaining. My one complaint about SBC Baseball Park - is the cost of food. Next time I'm taking some grub, I bought garlic fries, cotton candy and a drink (coke) which totaled over $15.00 and no refills on the drinks.

My purse was singing the blues but I'll be back.


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Friday, work was constant but short. A co-worker invited me to see a play with her friend but wanted to start the evening early. This was all at the last moment, I've found this women interesting and was hoping to have an evening of theater and interesting conversation. The early start forced me to run home and change my cloths I was funky looking and not daisy fresh. I rode Muni there, the bus is really the best way to go. Car drivers in San Francisco start to lose it around 5:00 PM. I believe it's all the workers trying to make it back to the suburbs. While riding the bus I could read while the poor driver has to deal with the road warriors engaged in their rush hour siege an escape from the City.

We met in Union Square at my favorite half price tickets - Tix Bay Area. We purchased tickets for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change 8:00 PM. We walked up to Whole Foods an upscale organic food store. Ingredients were purchased and a quite delicious dinner was prepared. The third person arrived we ate dinner, chatted , hailed a taxi and made the play on time. I Love You.... is at the Marine Memorial was a mid size theater clean and comfortable it's a nice space. The play was pleasant but very light. I haven't seen Beauty Shop or Momma Don't Chitlin Circuit Plays but I really feel this play was on the same level. It really wasn't a play to me but a collection of musical vignette dealing with love and relationships. It was nice escapist flair..


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Work, pack, work pack.....well I need the money so I can't complain too much I just hate wasting a weekend working. Fortunately it was a beautiful Sunday I didn't have to work the whole day. I rode my bike to the Ocean Beach- the beach is a special place to me sacred. Maybe it's the ions .......

Earlier I went to see the play Dirty Blond, it was about Mae West with a romance thrown in as a transitional tool. I liked Mae West as a kid but hadn't thought much about her in the last decade or so


Friday, May 21, 2004

It's Friday evening - I'm home tonight packing, my landlord is replacing the carpet in my apartment next week and I've have to get everything out. It's a quiet evening, Fridays are like that when you're home alone....oh well....I have to be discipline and work on packing up my place. I have so much junk, this is a painful experience. Last night I went to the movies alone - I went to see Godzilla at the Castro, the uncut Japanese version. No one wanted to go, all my friends turned up their nose regarding Godzilla. I actually think they would have been surprise. The Japanese version is a lot more creepy, also the film doesn't hide it analogy to the Atomic Bomb. Godzilla is clearly a weapon of Mass Destruction - how to destroy him and keep their humanity is one of the themes that runs through the film.

Some kid, young adults were sitting next to me - they were trying hard to laugh - expecting maybe something closer to Son of Godzilla. Their comments after the film were they didn't know Godzilla came from the sea, was this their first Godzilla film? Also, the filmmakers were hitting us over the head with the Atomic Bomb theme. I wondered if they knew about World War II.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm in Richmond California in a Construction trailer near the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. Server Rooms do not have windows, the climate is controlled - cool to keep the servers and network equipment at a temperature nice and chilled. I'm testing tape media, on a server which is having a problem ejecting it tapes. The test is very slow and staring at the computer screen doesn't reach my personal list of exciting activities. Also, the tape drive is failing some test - it's probably time for a drive replacement. The one component that fails regularly are tape drive - too much wear and tear.

I went to a movie last Monday and had the pleasure of seeing...The Triplet of Belleville. The French Animated, Music filled Comedy surprised me. I knew the film had received good reviews but I was skeptical. Reading a decription of the plot didn't fill me with a burning desire to see the film. The animation is really fun. I'm always struck by the imagination of artists, their ability create worlds projecting the spirit and dreams.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

I'm back in San Francisco - I really need to start preparing for work, French Class and unpacking my luggage but it's time to blog. Those oh so important tasks can wait.

I went to Lake Tahoe this weekend. I drove up with my friend - thank goodness someone has a car. I'm not really a pro-car babe, I can honestly say that I detest Hummers. Such a wasteful, pretentious vehicle. I'm not a hater, but I see those vehicles and I see Iraq and I hear the sucking sound of oil going down the drain. Anyway, off-season Tahoe seemed like a good way to get some rest and relaxation. Also, I was going to hear a timeshare sale pitch and get $75.00 dollars to gamble at one of the casino.

The trip was pleasant but my friend was stressed - we had a couple of episodes I don't think he really relaxed the whole trip- his trigger was very short. I learned something about myself or at least I confirmed it, casino gambling is not my thing. Even with free money, I found the casinos too smokie and gambling boring.......well I don't have the bug, plain and simple. I wanted to go bike riding in Tahoe, hang out at the Lake, sleep in the comfortable Time Share but not spend hours dropping money.

Oh well....we drove to Virginia City and Carson City. Virginia City, still has a old west look and feel and the city's history is interesting. That little town is full of bars and mini-museums --tourist traps???- it's a cool diversion. Carson City, Nevada State Capital has the neat Nevada State Museum check out there weapon exhibit you're get to see a blundrbuss


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Wow, I getting behind in my blogging....there's been a lot of distractions happening lately. My focus has been on our colonial quest in Iraq not to mention personal issues. Saturday I went to see a play based on a recommendation by a friend who writes reviews for the San Francisco Bay View which is a Black owned and operated New Paper. Her weekly article is Wanda's Picks. She always has a wonderful selection of what's happening in the Bay Area.

I went to see Naomi Wallace, "Slaughter City" at the Exit Theater. I didn't know Naomi Wallace before I saw this play but I was really impressed with her work. The play covered many topics: Labor relations, race relations, friendship,and sexual politics, these are the one I was able to keep up with. I admired her ability to bring a honest perspective to these issues. Her writing has wit and intensity that kept the dialog fresh. After seeing this work I definitely want to see more. The Crowded Fire Theater company did a great job presenting the play; fortunately part of their mission is to present challenging plays, thank goodness for intelligent - thought provoking theater.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
People dancin', people laughin'
A man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs

Artist Chicago, Song Saturday in the Park

Ok I had a nice day. My landlords came by and they're replacing the carpet in my apartment. I glad they have pride of ownership. Either that or they're planning to put their property on the market, either way I'm happy... I spoke to my Aunt Viv today she has planned a great trip in July, a four Southern State excursion Alabama (Sylacauga) + family reunion, Georgia (Savannah), Tennessee (Nashville), and South Carolina (Hilton Head). I'm not sure vacation-wise if can handle the three weeks but I definitely going for at least two.

Afterward, I hopped on my trusty bike and rode to Golden Gate Park, at Sharon Meadows the Peace Corp was having a festival. I'm interested in doing a stint in the Corp. I would like to work internationally for a few years and contribute to other people lives - give back to the human community.....we'll see. The national corp recruiter was cool - he was friendly an answered all my question. At the Norcal - (Northern California) table the woman sitting at the table really didn't want to chat and definitely wasn't encouraging. I wondered did she just have a bad personality, poor communication skills or was not thrilled having to speak with me. She reminded me of the many pseudo-liberals who dwell in the city - tight as a drum. But it was generally a good experience.....

Back on the bike and down to the Haight for a little music shopping - I'm still down with Jazz and my purchases where Sonny Rollins, Dianne Reeves, and Milt Jackson. Next stop the Mission, this week is National Dance Week. During National Dance Week dance studios provide free classes, It 's a great way to get a introduction to the studios and to different dance styles. I'm really a horrible, neophyte dancer - I never took a dance class in school - I have trouble doing the electric slide. My brain doesn't excel learning visually, I'm a reader and hands on person. But I figure no one knows me it's great exercise and I might find a class I really enjoy. Last year I tried the Hula which I really enjoyed. I would try a beginning class - today it was Afro-Brazilian Dance with Tainia Santiago at ABADÃ-Capoeira SF's Brazilian Arts Center. It was hard, we danced bare-footed and my feet were sore and had blisters afterward. My body felt great but the class was too advance for me - I really need basic dance class but it was fun. Tomorrow I may Salsa.....

But this evening I'll enjoy a relaxing dinner.


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