Saturday, October 02, 2004

Up early Saturday morning, I promised my Aunt-in-law that I would participate in her church fund raiser. It's a five mile walk in the city. This year the walk was happening in the Western Addition and Fillmore District. These neighborhoods both have African-American communities I believe the church also wanted to do outreach to the community. The group was small but lively, we started on Post Street and made our way across Geary. I was walking with a cousin in-law. We weren't discipline enough to stay with our slower brethren we broke away from the group while chatting and walking at a good pace. Since we created a nice lead we decided to take a side trip to Alamo Square. San Francisco has several city squares located in various spots in the city.
Alamo Square is known for its' beautiful views. I've added a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Four of the Six Sisters (Alamo Square)

City Hall from Alamo Square

After Alamo Square we headed down Fulton to Fillmore Street, I've been hanging out Friday evening in the Fillmore lately at Rasselas but I hadn't checked out their morning activities. Several things were happening in Fillmore Saturday morning they where having a Farmer Market and jazz. We stopped at the farmers market checked out the musicians and visited Marcus Bookstore. San Francisco's bookstore that specializes in African-American books. After checking out the neighborhood we realized that everyone had finish the 5 miles but us. Afterward my Auntie fixed us lunch and dinner we had a full afternoon and evening for socializing and playing scramble.


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