Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween night, I'm tempted to visit the Castro tonight but I didn't get my Condie Rice costume together and I'm broke. The broke part is really preventing me from going out. There's a horror movie documentary at the Roxie tonight American Nightmare and I barely have enough for the ticket and nothing for popcorn. If I can't see a movie, I definitely can't afford visiting a bar for drinks. Might have to enjoy The Simpson's Tree House of Horror tonight.

This afternoon was a lazy day but I did enjoy the nice weather and walked with a friend on the Coastal Trail near the Legion of Honor. It was a perfect day for a walk, warm and clear. The weather is San Francisco is usually always great for Halloween October been a little funky but the weather came through.

Yesterday I went to the Palace of Fine Arts for the San Francisco Jazz Festival,
the Jazz Passengers were performing with the Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D no less.The Passengers presented new music and dialog for the film. The program was fun, their dialogue was cheesy but full of humor. The musical composition worked well with the film.

After the program we walked from the Marina Green to Fisherman wharf and enjoyed clam chowder in tourist-like fashion. Afterward we continued on the Embarcedero stopping for a drink at Pier 23 , this restaurant bar is a spot for tourist and locals it's comfortable with indoor and outdoor seating and regularly has live music. My only complaint is the drink/food prices are a little high. We finish our walk at the Ferry Building, I was eyeing the Wine Bar but with my thin pockets I didn't want to leech off my buddy. When I finally got on the Geary 38 to go home I was ready to chill.

Below a few pictures for Saturday and Sunday

Beautiful Remnants from the Pan Pacific Exhibition 1915

Palace of Fine Arts

Views of the Pacific Ocean on the Coastal Trail

View from Coastal Trail Checkout all the sail boats in the bay

The Rock, looking as inviting as an old prison can


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