Saturday, October 16, 2004

A foggy day in San Francisco, it's been cool and overcast this Saturday but if fog keeps you at home then this isn't the city for you. This morning I went crabbing at Crissy field near Fort Point in the Golden Gate National Parks System The Bay Area has an abundance of green space to enjoy, Crissy Field is relatively a new addition to the National Park System it's public opening was in 2001. The fishing pier wasn't upgraded but everything around it changed. The addition of trails, beach front, landscaping and visitor centers makes this area one of my favorite locations in the city. The views are wonderful and the area has enough facilities to keep all family members happy. Hopefully, the area won't become overly commercialized this would ruin this beautiful spot.

For $3.00 dollars the crabbing is a deal, the ranger provides the crabbing net, bait and instructions. You can crab for two hours; the ranger is mellow so you really get two hours to cast your net. We caught one starfish, three crabs, two babes and one adult all were thrown back to the sea. Only extreme hunger would inspire me to eat those critters, the San Francisco Bay isn't the cleanest of waters. The ranger said two crabs a month for adults should be your dietary maximum.

The park system offers a wide variety of programs hikes, bike rides, tours etc. check it out you might find an offerings to match your taste. We had a nice time hanging out and chatting with folks. The Warming Hut visitor Center gave me a place to grab a scone and hot chocolate all was good.

A couple of pictures below:

These folks added color on a foggy day

Ok I know it's the world smallest crab but I'm proud

Fishing on a dock in the Bay

After crabbing we headed on our bikes to Fort Mason, it's so close you could easily walk there, it's a flat and scenic stroll. At Fort Mason and through out San Francisco Open Studios is happening. An annual event, artists open their homes and workspaces to the public. Fort Mason is not like entering someone home, it a facilities that houses museums, non-profits, art and education programs, but you get the opportunity to view several artists in close proximity enjoy snacks, chat, and hopefully see something that catches your eye.

After Fort Mason we rode to the Hyde Street Pier, a National Historical Park which features historic ships. The ships are enough for a visit but it was the Sea Music festival that was the draw today. In my mind I was fantasizing about pirates singing Fifteen men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Didn't hear it but I heard a variety of songs from singers. We strolled through the ships listened to music. I would love taking my niece to this event who knows next year.


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