Saturday, October 09, 2004

I'm home after an enjoyable day and a half in the Wine Country. On Friday evening we drove to Santa Rosa, there were a few mishaps leaving the Bay Area, primarily related to my attempt to escape work. My manager kept assigning more assignments every minute. I woke up early to complete the never-ending task. I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was really burnt when we arrived in Santa Rosa. We had dinner downtown in a Taquiera and spent the night at Fountain Grove Inn . This Inn was comfortable but externally the structure looks like at 1960's office building. The hallways had this strange retro feeling, it was kind of cool, I kept expecting James Bond (Sean Connery) to appear from around the corner any moment.

The next morning we rose early and preceded to spend the day bike riding in the wine Country, we started the race early in Geyserville. The weather was cool with blue skies and except for the head wind it was a perfect day. We stopped at Bella Vineyards for the rest stop, very cute winery checkout their cave tasting room. It took us several hours to finish the ride the scenery was great and people generally were friendly. The wine country is a good place for a bike ride especially off-season. There are many places to stop and taste a little wine or continue riding through picture perfect scenery. I took a couple of pics but I'm only posting one. I wasn't satisfied with the images, they just didn't capture the day. We were on our bikes and saw this cute barn or farmhouse with the rolling vineyard.

Dry Creek Cutie

After riding we rushed backed to the Inn changed cloths and enjoyed a nice dinner with dancing at the Trentadue Winery. I was riding in Revolution 2004 a fund raiser for BORP an organization which provides recreational and outdoor activities for folks with disabilities.

They awarded the most successful fund raiser with a new bike and previewed a neat video of the day's events. After dinner and a little dancing I rode back to the Bay Area with a lady who was nice enough to give me a ride. Now five more hours of sleep and up again.


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