Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hi folks I haven't been blogging lately. My schedule is really full or I'm suffering from a bad case of time management. I've gone to a few programs since my last post - I'm going to write about them LIFO (Last In First Out). Monday after work, I went to the Kabuki Theatre to the What's Wrong with Frank Chin, which is being shown as part of the the San Francisco Asian Film Festival.

Frank Chin is a Chinese American author who is well known for his attacks on popular Asian Authors Maxine Hong- Kingston, David Henry Hwang, and Amy Tan. I have heard about is complaints about their works but I knew about him in a general manner....this angry Asian guy whose mad about the portrayal of Asian men in literature and film. I thought of him as an Asian Spike Lee, well....he's not. Frank Chin in my opinion is more thoughtful and radical than Spike, who feels like an commodified angry person at this stage.

Anyway, the film is good very interesting. You get a sense of Mr Chin, how he became the person he is and his vision as an artist and intellectual. I understand his distaste on Asian images in film and lit....looking at Whites in Asian-face makes me cringe like seeing White in Black-face so weird. I'm going to read some of his words, I'm hoping I can pick up something this weekend. Also, with a little luck I'll checkout some good translated liturature.

Frank Chin was at the theatre to answer questions the audience seemed a little intimidated at first and as the warmed up Frank Chin he answered their questions with the passion.


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