Monday, October 25, 2004

Yawn, it's Monday and I'm writing my post for the weekend. This weekend I was so busy checking out my free wireless access that I didn't post. I found out that with a wireless NIC card I have free internet. This amazed me because I live in an apartment on the third floor and the connection only seems to work when I move my laptop toward one window in my pad - it's very limited. Where is this connection coming from? An apartment building mate, someone who lives across the street or the neighborhood cafe two blocks away with free internet access? I have dial-up but the wireless connection is much faster so it's tempting to use. This is one security/moral issue I have to grapple with - I don't want to be a wireless leech. I just used the Linktest software and I'm finding two access points the more the merrier.

One positive is I'm now reading about wireless, I should have started this a couple of years ago but since technology changes with the speed of light it's never too late to join the party. Unless the technology has become completely obsolete and at that point it may become trendy.

Well, this weekend was a mixed bag it started early with a house party on Thursday night which was fun. The party was for her boyfriend and the place looked great she very creative. The group assembled was a quirky mixed of their friends and their parents. I love chatting with seniors - fresh perspectives you won't receive from the traditional party crew. Also seniors usually have a confidence they see younger folks as kids and feel free to converse with few pretensions.

Friday I hooked up with my buddy at Bruno's in the Mission District. Bruno's is really a San Francisco landmark in it's own right. Many locals used to visit Bruno for family dining before it became a hip restaurant and jazz club. We went to hear Los Mocosos a Latin funk ska band their music was fresh with its' mixture of musical flavors. I like Bruno for several reasons, 1. nice mix of people, 2. drinks not overly expensive, and 3. the stage is surrounded by the audience it's visually cool plus an interesting use of space. However, the bartenders created my Midori Sour three different ways, one time it was all Midori. Oh well we had a good time listening to the music and checking out the scene.

Rainy Saturday, it was good day for the movies, headed to the Red Vic in the Haight to see You Can't be Neutral on a Moving train. A film about the Historian Howard Zinn. Well I haven't read one of Zinn books now I have more inspiration to finally start reading. I had no idea Mr. Zinn was an activist or taught at Spelman College. I only knew him as a progressive historian, his story is very interesting. I alway drawn to stories where people don't fall into the same patterns followed by the majority of people. Zinn could simply enjoy a comfortable conformist life being a history professor but his passions run high.

After the film I strolled home in the rain, I've never been a rain walker it was a misty but lovely day to walk through Golden Gate Park. That evening I was planning to see Afrika Bambaataa at the DNA Lounge. Planet Rock is without doubt one of my favorite songs. It was my psyche up songs before test. I've never seen Bambaataa I was very hyped up to go.

My girlfriend called and confirmed the evening I watched a little baseball World Series took a nap got dress and no phone call. Called my friend; she was in bed with her man!! Why she didn't call I don't know? I was not angry but disappointed why be flaky if you can't hang just say it. Anyway I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.


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