Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ocean beach Sunday morning at 5:00 AM, the sun hadn't risen and the beach was dark except for the shattering of camp fires along the coast. The rhythmic pulse of drums could be heard from the seawall until they meshed into the rolling cadence of the waves. Maafa has arrived and I'm here to remember and video tape the event.

Maafa is the commemoration to honor the millions of Africans who died in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade/Middle Passage. I didn't know Maafa is celebrated nationally but I was able to find several sites on Mafaa on the internet.

I think the Maafa memorials are a great idea, the kidnapping of African people from their homes, family and friends is one of the major tragedies of man. Thousands died on the seas being shipped as contraband in filthy cramp conditions their adductor supplied. Maafa is a time to remember them and all our ancestors.

The video camera was a loaner and the battery was dead in about 15 minutes. Fortunately, I brought the digital camera.

These are some pictures from the MAAFA Ocean Beach California 2004

Altar at the Gates of no Return

Walking with the Ancestors

Remembering the Ancestors


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