Sunday, May 16, 2004

I'm back in San Francisco - I really need to start preparing for work, French Class and unpacking my luggage but it's time to blog. Those oh so important tasks can wait.

I went to Lake Tahoe this weekend. I drove up with my friend - thank goodness someone has a car. I'm not really a pro-car babe, I can honestly say that I detest Hummers. Such a wasteful, pretentious vehicle. I'm not a hater, but I see those vehicles and I see Iraq and I hear the sucking sound of oil going down the drain. Anyway, off-season Tahoe seemed like a good way to get some rest and relaxation. Also, I was going to hear a timeshare sale pitch and get $75.00 dollars to gamble at one of the casino.

The trip was pleasant but my friend was stressed - we had a couple of episodes I don't think he really relaxed the whole trip- his trigger was very short. I learned something about myself or at least I confirmed it, casino gambling is not my thing. Even with free money, I found the casinos too smokie and gambling boring.......well I don't have the bug, plain and simple. I wanted to go bike riding in Tahoe, hang out at the Lake, sleep in the comfortable Time Share but not spend hours dropping money.

Oh well....we drove to Virginia City and Carson City. Virginia City, still has a old west look and feel and the city's history is interesting. That little town is full of bars and mini-museums --tourist traps???- it's a cool diversion. Carson City, Nevada State Capital has the neat Nevada State Museum check out there weapon exhibit you're get to see a blundrbuss


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