Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday - Tuesday morning, morning, guess my three day weekend is over! Work is just a few hours away.....oh well. On Saturday evening I finally saw my first Giants game of the season. I have to admit I voted against the downtown stadium but I have eaten my words a dozen times. It's a great park, easy to access within the City, I rode my bike to a day game and there is bike valet bike parking at the stadium. In the evening, riding the bus and walking to the stadium from transbay terminal is a good a easy walk. We purchased tickets from a season ticket holder - great seats on the first base side. My favorite seats are the cheapie bleachers, the fans are a lot of fun and it's a great place to see home runs.

The Giants were playing Colorado with fireworks after the game. The Giants won the fireworks were ok. They were better last year - but it was a beautiful night no fog so this girl ain't complaining. My one complaint about SBC Baseball Park - is the cost of food. Next time I'm taking some grub, I bought garlic fries, cotton candy and a drink (coke) which totaled over $15.00 and no refills on the drinks.

My purse was singing the blues but I'll be back.


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