Friday, May 21, 2004

It's Friday evening - I'm home tonight packing, my landlord is replacing the carpet in my apartment next week and I've have to get everything out. It's a quiet evening, Fridays are like that when you're home alone....oh well....I have to be discipline and work on packing up my place. I have so much junk, this is a painful experience. Last night I went to the movies alone - I went to see Godzilla at the Castro, the uncut Japanese version. No one wanted to go, all my friends turned up their nose regarding Godzilla. I actually think they would have been surprise. The Japanese version is a lot more creepy, also the film doesn't hide it analogy to the Atomic Bomb. Godzilla is clearly a weapon of Mass Destruction - how to destroy him and keep their humanity is one of the themes that runs through the film.

Some kid, young adults were sitting next to me - they were trying hard to laugh - expecting maybe something closer to Son of Godzilla. Their comments after the film were they didn't know Godzilla came from the sea, was this their first Godzilla film? Also, the filmmakers were hitting us over the head with the Atomic Bomb theme. I wondered if they knew about World War II.


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