Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm in Richmond California in a Construction trailer near the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. Server Rooms do not have windows, the climate is controlled - cool to keep the servers and network equipment at a temperature nice and chilled. I'm testing tape media, on a server which is having a problem ejecting it tapes. The test is very slow and staring at the computer screen doesn't reach my personal list of exciting activities. Also, the tape drive is failing some test - it's probably time for a drive replacement. The one component that fails regularly are tape drive - too much wear and tear.

I went to a movie last Monday and had the pleasure of seeing...The Triplet of Belleville. The French Animated, Music filled Comedy surprised me. I knew the film had received good reviews but I was skeptical. Reading a decription of the plot didn't fill me with a burning desire to see the film. The animation is really fun. I'm always struck by the imagination of artists, their ability create worlds projecting the spirit and dreams.


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