Sunday, May 30, 2004

Friday, work was constant but short. A co-worker invited me to see a play with her friend but wanted to start the evening early. This was all at the last moment, I've found this women interesting and was hoping to have an evening of theater and interesting conversation. The early start forced me to run home and change my cloths I was funky looking and not daisy fresh. I rode Muni there, the bus is really the best way to go. Car drivers in San Francisco start to lose it around 5:00 PM. I believe it's all the workers trying to make it back to the suburbs. While riding the bus I could read while the poor driver has to deal with the road warriors engaged in their rush hour siege an escape from the City.

We met in Union Square at my favorite half price tickets - Tix Bay Area. We purchased tickets for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change 8:00 PM. We walked up to Whole Foods an upscale organic food store. Ingredients were purchased and a quite delicious dinner was prepared. The third person arrived we ate dinner, chatted , hailed a taxi and made the play on time. I Love You.... is at the Marine Memorial was a mid size theater clean and comfortable it's a nice space. The play was pleasant but very light. I haven't seen Beauty Shop or Momma Don't Chitlin Circuit Plays but I really feel this play was on the same level. It really wasn't a play to me but a collection of musical vignette dealing with love and relationships. It was nice escapist flair..


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