Saturday, May 08, 2004

Wow, I getting behind in my blogging....there's been a lot of distractions happening lately. My focus has been on our colonial quest in Iraq not to mention personal issues. Saturday I went to see a play based on a recommendation by a friend who writes reviews for the San Francisco Bay View which is a Black owned and operated New Paper. Her weekly article is Wanda's Picks. She always has a wonderful selection of what's happening in the Bay Area.

I went to see Naomi Wallace, "Slaughter City" at the Exit Theater. I didn't know Naomi Wallace before I saw this play but I was really impressed with her work. The play covered many topics: Labor relations, race relations, friendship,and sexual politics, these are the one I was able to keep up with. I admired her ability to bring a honest perspective to these issues. Her writing has wit and intensity that kept the dialog fresh. After seeing this work I definitely want to see more. The Crowded Fire Theater company did a great job presenting the play; fortunately part of their mission is to present challenging plays, thank goodness for intelligent - thought provoking theater.


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