Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
People dancin', people laughin'
A man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs

Artist Chicago, Song Saturday in the Park

Ok I had a nice day. My landlords came by and they're replacing the carpet in my apartment. I glad they have pride of ownership. Either that or they're planning to put their property on the market, either way I'm happy... I spoke to my Aunt Viv today she has planned a great trip in July, a four Southern State excursion Alabama (Sylacauga) + family reunion, Georgia (Savannah), Tennessee (Nashville), and South Carolina (Hilton Head). I'm not sure vacation-wise if can handle the three weeks but I definitely going for at least two.

Afterward, I hopped on my trusty bike and rode to Golden Gate Park, at Sharon Meadows the Peace Corp was having a festival. I'm interested in doing a stint in the Corp. I would like to work internationally for a few years and contribute to other people lives - give back to the human community.....we'll see. The national corp recruiter was cool - he was friendly an answered all my question. At the Norcal - (Northern California) table the woman sitting at the table really didn't want to chat and definitely wasn't encouraging. I wondered did she just have a bad personality, poor communication skills or was not thrilled having to speak with me. She reminded me of the many pseudo-liberals who dwell in the city - tight as a drum. But it was generally a good experience.....

Back on the bike and down to the Haight for a little music shopping - I'm still down with Jazz and my purchases where Sonny Rollins, Dianne Reeves, and Milt Jackson. Next stop the Mission, this week is National Dance Week. During National Dance Week dance studios provide free classes, It 's a great way to get a introduction to the studios and to different dance styles. I'm really a horrible, neophyte dancer - I never took a dance class in school - I have trouble doing the electric slide. My brain doesn't excel learning visually, I'm a reader and hands on person. But I figure no one knows me it's great exercise and I might find a class I really enjoy. Last year I tried the Hula which I really enjoyed. I would try a beginning class - today it was Afro-Brazilian Dance with Tainia Santiago at ABADÃ-Capoeira SF's Brazilian Arts Center. It was hard, we danced bare-footed and my feet were sore and had blisters afterward. My body felt great but the class was too advance for me - I really need basic dance class but it was fun. Tomorrow I may Salsa.....

But this evening I'll enjoy a relaxing dinner.


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