Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring in San Francisco is here and we're celebrating the begining of the season with the most drab weather we've had in months. The fog is laying very low and wet in the Richmond District it not rain but a thick wet mist that slowly soaks your cloths and chills your bones.

But we need the rain-mist and the weather didn't detour a walk on Saturday. I started at Inspiration Point, which is a vista point for viewing Alcatraz Island and the San Francisco Bay, just inside the Arguello Blvd. Gate in the Presidio and walked the Ecology trail. Short, 2 miles and family friendly all ages can enjoy the hike. Within minutes you have escaped the city and are strolling by a red wood forest.

Afterward I headed south-west past the Presidio golf course course to Mountain Lake. Nicely landscape and quietly pretty even on the most foggest of days. Mountain Lake feels like a neighborhood park but is part of the Golden Gate National Park Recreational Area. The park has a children playground, lake seating and a fitness trail (which needs some TCL). Finding the park can be a little tricky one entrance is at Park Presidio Blvd. and Lake (North East Corner).

In the spirit on drab weather I escaped into a double feature of two 2006 Oscar contenders, a British filmfest The queen and Notes on a Scandal. I have to admit doing double features is pretty challenging I usually only partake in one or two annually. But when you watch films that catch your fancy then back to back films can be a pleasure.

The first movie was The Queen a film main appeal for me was to see the performance by Oscar winner Helen Mirren. Her performance is excellent, if you have any interest in the British royal family and/or their response to Princess Diana Death in 1997 you may find the film fascinating. Also, if you enjoy films for good performances you'll find plenty in this film. If you needs lots of explosions to enjoy a movie this one may not be for you.

Notes on a Scandal seems to be a movie either people love or hate. I really enjoyed the movie Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett both gave great performances. Judi Dench was really fightening but both women were scary in their own ways. The film is about how bad choices can escalate and destory lives. So beware, those of you who live only for today. A bad decision today may affect you beyond the end of this movie. This is definitely an adult film with adult themes if that's your cup of tea enjoy!


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