Monday, March 05, 2007

Two of my favorite authors, Jimmy Baca and Ntozake Shange writings were used to create the play, A Place to Stand currently showing at Intersection of the Arts. The play is part of Intersections Prison Project, which is a multi-disciplinary exploration of the California Prison System. The play combined their writings to speak of the prison experience from multiple voices. Prison within this play is also not always the physical space but also mental prisons are explored. I found the play exciting to watch and sophisticated: in it's development and presentation.

Afterward we literally ran to Mi Linda Peru a Peruvian restaurant in the Mission District, the restaurant closed at 10:00 and we left the theatre around 9:25. I had visited Mi Lindo Peru over a year ago and enjoyed the meal. This meal was not as successful. Maybe the problem was we arrive late, if so I wish they had sent us on our way. First my guest who spoke to the waiter is Spanish was told to hurry the order because they were closing soon. He also told him but not me in Spanish the restaurant was out of bread and a course offered nothing in replacement. We order Calamari which was dry and salty, tasted like Calamari you would expect at a cheapie happy hour. My friend feeling the waiter was rude didn't order an entree but didn't tell me until after we left; based on a recommendation from the waiter I ordered a seafood dish. The dish's portion looked smaller than the lunch portion I had previously which turn out to be fortunate because the dish gave me blurps the rest of the evening. I have a slight feeling the seafood was not very fresh, all I can say is gross, gross, gross.

We went to The Boom Boom Room , a bar in the Fillmore district which keeps a good mix of live music. At the Boom Boom the conversation was limited as old clams and other surprises from the sea kept reappearing from the deep. Mi Lindo Peru has become Mi Feo Peru.

The only thing I could do after that ugly experience was drink pear ciders and check my stomach for status reports. The ciders didn't help my breath but at least I was feeling better. The music was pretty good, the drinks were reasonably price and we were able to get a table. I wasn't complaining for more reasons than one.


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