Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One reason I enjoy the theatre is it provides the opportunity to see themes/issues grappled with in a sophisticated and immediate manner.
The power of live performance!

I had the opportunity to see Permanent Collection at the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley. The Aurora theatre is in Berkeley's downtown Art District, sandwiched between the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the Jazz School I was discovering the Theatre for the first time.

The space is intimate and very comfortable with seating surrounding three sides of the stage (black box) type, wonderful views come with every seat.

Permanent Collection is a fictionalize story of the Barnes Foundation an art foundation in Philadelphia known for its' extensive collection of French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings which the foundation's establisher left to a historically Black College to manage after his death. As the new Black directors attempted to make changes conflicts arose.

Permanent Collection is about power and race within one of the most perceived civilize environments, the art community. But the play is a metaphor for racial conflict throughout the culture.


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