Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hello folks, posting is a slow proposition this year I can't say that I've been suffering from blog posting block. But keeping the discipline to regularly write was the primary reason I started this blog, so the struggle to persist is never-ending. Hence, I revive posting and again the battle ensues.

I've enjoyed many programs this summer but I was compelled to informed folks about a mini-concert series of evening music held by Nextarts.org a non-profit organization that is holding free evening concerts at Potrero Park in the Mission District. Last Saturday concert was local jazz musicians Paula West and the Fillmore Preservation Jazz Big Band so I decided to check out the program.

Getting over to the Mission was a struggle yusually I would ride my bike or either partially walk the route while waiting for the bus. Well I wasn't feeling great and waiting for Muni bus 33 Stanyan turned out to be a nightmare. At this point I cannot recommend riding this route on Saturday, saying it was off schedule and slow is an understatement Simply a gross waiting experience would be a better description. If you're going to use this slow bus from hell try the GPS based Nextbus website to determine when the 33 will arrived. (Good Luck and bring a book)

Fortunately, a car-owning friend rescued me from the bus stop and we headed to the park dreading our future search for parking after arriving late for the program. However, we had no problem finding parking; we soon found out the concert was woefully under attended. So much good music so few people yikes. I found out about the concert because I subscribe to the yahoo group FunCheapSF, which provides a weekly mailing of free events in the Bay Area otherwise I would have known nothing about the program.

Having a private concert should be a good thing and the uncrowded evening was a very pleasant experience. But the concert was benefiting the Malcolm X Elementary and those attending the concert were asked to bring a donation of school supplies. I had my goodie bag, but I couldn't but help and think about how many supplies would have appeared with a stronger attendance.

This week the Project Homeless Connect is the benefiting organization, The Everyone Orchestra will be performing and the donation are socks amd underwear. I like this concept very much I hope this week their PR machine kicks in.

Fillmore Preservation Jazz Big Band
It was an evening of the American-Songbook and
Straight ahead Jazz under the urban Sky


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