Sunday, April 30, 2006

Well I'm in hazy but sunny Southern California this weekend, I'm here for my annual trek to the Los Angeles Festival of Books at UCLA. In the Bay Area there isn't a book festival as extensive as the one at UCLA. The festival has a selection of events to meet everyone's taste except maybe the most erudite and scholarly. However, you can find some esoteric titles on various subjects if you dig around.

The event is free however, you have to pay for parking. we found parking on campus for $8.00 not bad. Have on your walking shoes the event is spreadout around campus and to reach the main drag you'll have a good walk. If you haven't been on UCLA campus the festival will give you a chance to eye the place. There's plenty of food and acourse a cooking/cuisine book stage. If you decide to pack a lunch there many comfortable places on campus to enjoy sandwiches from hom.

One aspect of the festival I enjoy is visiting to the different authors panels and readings. They are very popular and you should reserve your tickets prior to event day. This year I didn't plan to see any specific authors but cruising the festival with my sister and niece we stayed primarily in the children sections this year. There were two entertainment stages, we arrived at the main stage to watch Barney shake his purple thang. We also visited a second children area where the Children's Museum of Los Angeles had setup craft heaven. My niece was able to glue, cut and add sparkles to her heart's content.

A pleasant way to spend a weekend day, I'll be back next year.


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