Friday, April 21, 2006

It’s Friday night and I’m home tired but happy to be resting after a week full of work. Commuting to Fremont is exhausting, waking up so early in the morning. But it’s extra rough after an evening so staying up late. Thursday night I went to Yoshi’s at Jack London Square to see one of my favorite Pianist Omar Sosa. Getting off at Lake Merritt Bart Station in Oakland I felt relief walking through a City with character. Transversing only ½ a mile in Oakland I walked through Chinatown, Old Oakland and Jack London Square, downtown Oakland was warm with just a slight breeze in the air. It was a great weather for walking.

When I arrived at Yoshi’s I purchased my ticket, it was two hours before the show and most of the prime seats where already taken. Ticket holders are allowed to reserve their seats in Yoshi’s it’s a perk for those who arrive early. Even if you don’t plan to eat at Yoshi’s prior to the show arrive early and reserve your seat and grab a bite some where else.

Omar Sosa’s concerts are never the same; he is willing to challenge his audience with experimentation, different music genders, and an absence of a greatest hits song list during his performances.

The program included the saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis known for his arrangement for James Brown I was expecting some funk Thursday night and I receive it plus more. Omar Sosa Quartet jammed integrating so much within their performance. From JazzyCuban riffs, electronica sounds effects to funky solos from Ellis, Sosa's group delighted.


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