Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brought a new computer and I've spent last weekend setting up my PC transferring music and other good things. Well after an exhausting morning and afternoon I decided to stop greeking out and listen to some music.

Eartha Kitt was performing at the Masonic Center and I was determined to see her. From her days playing Cat Woman to singing Santa Baby I've always thought she was cool.

Riding the bus I arrived a little late, but the 1 California drops you off only a couple a blocks away from the Masonic and without hills to walk and horrible parking it the best way to visit Nob Hill

The Masonic is not my favorite auditorium in San Francisco it feels cavernous, with the ability to swallow entertainers, so even if it puts a hole in my pocket I buy tickets on the floor it's worth the cost without question. By the time a purchased a ticket the show had started, a kindly usher allowed me to slip into the show while Eartha was singing. I slid into a seat in the back and watched this amazing 80 ish yo women performing on stage looking youthful and sexy.

I felt like I had stepped into a time machine and was transported to maybe the early 1950's when seeing wonderful singing, comedy and playful sexuality on stage could be expected for adult entertainment. It felt like an evening of cabaret, intimate eventhough I was sitting in a large auditorium.

Personally I was very excited to hear her sing Saint Louis Blues, a sing made popular by Bessie Smith, Ms. Kitt acted in the movie with the same title in the 1950's. Her tribute to Edith Piaf was wonderful singing her songs in French. Also, her rendition of Here's to Life was a knock-out.

The audience circled the stage vying to touch and thank Ms. Kitt. Graciously, Ms. Kitt took the time to thank and acknowledge those who appreciated her performance that night. I had never seen anything like this at a SFJAZZ program before and I happy to have the opportuntity.


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