Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hi folks I'm finally starting to feel normal, I'm not 100 percent but this evening I was able to keep my sinus headaches at bay and the pink eye seems 98% gone they only feel a little dry-ish. Fatigue is still the queen but I'm planning to go out this weekend socialize and exercise the body and test it out a little.

I haven't gone out much this year so I'm posting a few pictures from the end of 2005. Places I visited but were previously too burnt out to post.

Walking in downtown San Francisco I couldn't resist photographing MOAD, the Museum of the African Disapora.

Talking about walking, this is the Moraga Stairs located in Golden Gates Heights a neighborhood in the Sunset District. Located south of Golden Gates Park you can transverse Golden Gates Heights by its' stairways. I found this walk in Stairway Walks in San Francisco, a books that provides stairways walks throughout the City. I recommend it for those who want to explore San Francisco neighborhoods.

At the opening weekend of the De Young Museum the lines were long but somehow we gained quick access. The Olmec sculpture, one of many fascinating items on exhibit.


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