Monday, November 21, 2005

I haven't posted in a long time sorry. My camera is full of photos, I've been to several events
I need to write about but I'm lagging, well the best time to get started is now.

Saturday was spent walking through the city enjoying the usually beautiful weather for November. I had a guest from Sacramento visiting and we strolled through Union Square, Horton Plaza, The Ferry Building's farmer's market and boutique shops and the Embarcedero. We stopped at Pier 23 Cafe for lunch enjoying views of the Bay from their patio. Pier 23 Cafe is a pleasant place, their food is descent but pricey but a course you're paying to sit outside with a nice view.

We finish the evening back at Union Square, eventhough it's a pricey tourist spot, the cafe at Union Square is one of my favorites in the City. The service pastries and meal selection , and coffee are all good. Your coffee portion is generous and seconds are free. Also, there is outdoor seating, a bit competitive to get a table, but worth it. Union Square is a good spot to people watch you'll see a little bit of everybody.

Afterward, my visitor headed back to Sacto and I hopped on Muni making my way to the Haight. At the Red Vic they were showing Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue, eventhough I'm a self proclaimed Anti supporter of Miles because of his treatment of women, I have to acknowledge his intelligence and talent as an artist. The movie, documentary worked for me, it shows the debate that Miles electric musical transition caused, the influences for the change and the artists that surrounded him during this period. Seeing a young Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana and other great musicians was just fun. Also, within the film a healthy portion is dedicated to showing Miles performance at the Isle of Wright. It's not just talking heads concert footage is included.

After the movie I went to Amoeba Records and brought a CD by his wife for one year Betty Davis, While their marriage was short lived she was influential in his life, inspiring Miles to drop the Italian Suits and explore his musical range.

Betty Davis album Nasty-girl is one of the best funk albums I've ever heard -period. She is the unknown Queen of Funk, I can't believe she wasn't played on the radio and during the 1970's when funk was so hot, we weren't even given the chance to hear her. Maybe she was before her time, I just wish the decision was ours.

Miles, I'll still take my time buying his music but Betty Davis I'm going to grab whatever I can find!


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