Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Turkey Day everyone, I'm in Las Vegas chillin with the family, went to see the movie Rent today at the SunCoast Casino. I haven't seen Rent live and knew little about the play, other than it is based in New York and its' protagonists can not pay their rent.

Seeing this film in Las Vegas was kind of a shame, it reminded me of many people I've meet through the years in San Francisco. Broke artists struggling with their dreams and demons, that is a story I've watched through the years. The film is a Rock Opera and really has a 1980's feel, how things changed in the 90's.

The Las Vegas audience was quiet and a bit subdued, I couldn't help but think the story of these artists, gays, bohemians, and misfits must have felt very distance from their lives.

My sister told me over the holiday weekend that while conversing, a man told her that he didn't get Rent and maybe she would because she is Black. I'll leave that without comment, but it captures my concerns about the lack of empathy folks have for people they don't perceive as similar to them....oops I guess that was a comment. I think some people relate only to the Friends TV version of New York which lacks large segments of the population....oops another comment.

Talking about Black folks and Rent I loved Tracie Thoms, she has a great voice. I wasn't familiar with her and no I haven't seen Wonderfalls but hopefully I'll get the chance to see her in other works soon. Rent an interesting musical, I'll see Rent next time at the Castro Theatre.


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