Monday, October 03, 2005

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass , an annual free roots festival was happening Sunday at Golden Gate Park. This year the sponser made the festival bigger than ever before, there were several stars, not all Blues Grass but within the County Western Genre Dolly Parton being the largest.

Well, I can decribe the festival simply as huge and mellow, I have never seen so many people in Golden Gate Park. It felt bigger than Bay to Breakers, probably because the people weren't moving. Police Officers were few, problems appeared to be non-existent, except for the inability to see certain artists because of the crowds.

My favorite was Rosanne Cash, for her performance I found a wonderful tree shaded spot with a nice view.
Ms. Cash sung her songs and a few by her dad. Like her father she finds time to sing about love and relationships but also about the injustices of our time. I wasn't able to see Dolly, the crowds were too large and I ended up staying at Rosanne Cash performance longer than originally plan.

Also checked out Emmy Lou Harris and Ralph Stanley, both were good but I felt the venue was
too big for Stanley hopefully I'll get the chance to see him one day in a smaller venue.

My only complaint about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is where's the Blues? It would really be nice to either
have Gospel or Country Blues performers. Without Blues or Gospel the festival won't live up to it potential of being a fantastic program featuring American Roots Music.


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