Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Tuesday there was a Katrina fundraiser A "Poetic Protest" at La Pena in Berkeley. The program consisted of short alternative films of the victims affected by the disaster. The Film by Gloria La Riva of the ANSWER Coalition interviewed young men who saved over 200 other residents during the flood.

The program also had a silent auction of art by local artists and a continuous presentation by local poets, spoken word artists, musicians and singers. La Pena was full, the funds from the fundraiser were donated to the Center of Independent Living in Berkeley. The center provides services for the disabled in our community and funds were to be sent to assist hurricane victims.

I volunteered for the event and made myself available to assist the organizers. Mailing out PSAs, delivering and setting up artwork, working the door, and other tasks, I was happy to participate in the event.

A little about La Pena, the facility is a restaurant and performance space with a Latin-favor. La Pena was one of the first places I attempted Salsa dancing many moons ago. It's friendly and has a Berkeley community feel.


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