Monday, August 29, 2005

Wednesday in the middle of the week isn't usually a movie evening but considering the weak choices on network TV any night is movie night. But the summer selection of movies has been pretty weak so my choice was a blast to the past France 1957, Elevator to the Gallows.
What attracted me to the film was a review on NPR, which stated the film's score was by Miles Davis. A movie with a jazz score cool, I have to admit my bias against Miles Davis his spousal abuse lowered his star with me but noir cinema and jazz is a difficult brew to ignore.

Elevator to the Gallows is playing at the Lumiere Theater on California St. I believe the neighborhood around the theater is called Polk gulch it's a lively urban area. You can take the cable car the runs in front of the theater East up to Nob Hill or you can walk South on Polk street and watch the dance of a quickly gentrifying neighborhood.

The theater was pretty disorganized I probably could have walked in without paying and to my shock the small screening room was crowded, I got stuck in the third row having to read subtitles well above eye level.

The film was cool, a very French noir crime-love drama. I felt like I should light a cigarette after watching such crime, tragedy and love ah how French. Miles' score worked in the film, it was subtle adding to the mood of the film but not creating it.


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