Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ok I'll admit it! I'm a Giants fan, that's the only logical way I can explain my enthusiasm for a team 14 games below 500. I'm still hoping they can make it to the playoff. I went to an afternoon game today, it was an incredible day warm with blue skies. The Giants hit four homeruns and earned a victory. It was my first Giants' victory to enjoy this season.

At the game we talked about the hurricane Katrina and the people stuck in New Orleans and the surrounding destruction on the Gulf Coast. It's so striking that
the wealthiest country in the world is so unsuccessful removing it's sick, poor and old from the storm's path.

Today the Governor of Louisiana curtailed reach and rescue operations to prevent looting. It isn't difficult to tell what has more value human life or private property. Where's the National Guard to secure New Orleans from looters? Oop I forgot they're in Iraq oh well we have our priorities. Also, you're not looting when you're getting food for survival. The spin on the suffering of fellows Americans to blame the victim is gross.

Now instead of just ranting I need to find out to help. A source for what's happening the Times-Picayune.


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