Monday, July 18, 2005

Last weekend I left the big city for a camping trip but the drive wasn't very far about 45 minutes from my home and I've never visited the spot before. We drove over the Bay Bridge went from fog to sun, a few exits into Oakland we left the freeway and I kept thinking - how could there be camping sites so close that I'm completely unfamiliar with?

Our destination was Anthony Chabot Regional Park part of the East Bay Regional Park District. The campsites were nothing fancy clean and pleasant with tables, fire pits and trees to shade the sites. There are hiking trails to explore the park area and to reach Lake Chabot for fishing or whatever. The Lake has a Marina were you can grab a snack, rent a boat or picnic. We rented a motorized boat for our group and cruised around the lake. Next time I'll rent either a paddle boat or kayak. The views from the campsite hid the city which was seconds away and provided the urban break I needed, never discount what's close by.

The East Bay Regional Recreational Area has a variety of places to see and activities to enjoy. Before the summer is over I'm coming backup over to explore and see something new in my hood.

Lake Chabot from hiking trail

Folks chillin at the Lake Chabot Marina

Peaceful Lake Chabot


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