Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm sore and tried this evening, two days of bike riding has reminded me that being a weekend warrior is fun but conditioning is crucial. Saturday was the first bright sunny morning we've had in the Richmond District in days. It was warm by 9:00 AM and when I looked out the window at a fog free Golden Gate Bridge I knew the beach would be visited before the day was over.

My first stop was Books by the Bay held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SOMA (South of Market). Riding my bike downtown took me around 30 - 40 minutes. The path was almost completely on bike paths or bike friendly roads and only complaint was my backpack which was filled, my aching back was dragging me down. Books by the Bay is a small independent book store festival, Gus Lee the author of China Boy, San Francisco official book of the summer as part of the One Book One City program, was speaking at the festival I've wanted to read the book for years. This event gave me the incentive to purchase and start reading the book.

After checking out of festival, I rode down to the Embarcadero to Fisherman Wharf. FYI it's a flat bike ride and walk, if you're visiting SF walk the walk if you're in fair shape. You'll enjoy some nice views, there're plenty of restaurants and spots to relax. From Fisherman Wharf I fought the tourist human traffic jam rode by the Maritime Park, Fort Mason, Marin Green and into Crissy Field. I could have stopped and enjoyed the beach at Crissy Field but I kept riding. So far the ride was completely flat expect for a small hill which takes to you Fort Mason but now I was in the Presidio and I wasn't sure if my legs were in shape to handle these climbs, this is not a compliment they are not super steep. But I was able to handle it and made it to Baker Beach my final destination. Oh my Goddess, it was crowded it looked like every person in San Francisco was on Baker's Beach. But I had my towel, book, and hat and I was ready to sun and read. Next time I won't forget the CD player, after I squeezed on beach I had to deal with conversations swirling around me but a day without coastal fog and a spot to rest my legs was feeling very good to me.

Ok where's the fog ?
Bakers Beach - Golden Gate Bridge in background

Folks enjoy a rare warm day at Bakers Beach


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