Monday, June 06, 2005

Last week San Francisco was near perfect, blue skies across the city with enough breeze to keep the City's climate temperate. Yesterday was the closing day of the UN World Environment Day activities. I decided to walk through the Presidio to Crissy Field with the goal of reaching Fort Mason to view an environmental art exhibit and the closing festivities of the event.

Hooked up with a friend, we took the ecology trail, which begins near the Arguello Gate (entrance of the Presidio) it was a pleasant walk around 2 miles. While walking on the trail it's hard to believe you'll in a major city. We were quickly transported out of our urban environment.

From the trail we walked through ex-military housing and headed toward Crissy Field to the Golden Gate Promenade, this area is completely flat and is a wonderful place to jog or stroll. One thing I really like about Crissy Field is how well it's utilized, people are walking, biking, wind sailing, fishing with beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. It's one of the most scenic spots in San Francisco.

Finally we reached Fort Mason a multi-purpose facility another part the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Fort Mason holds a variety of classes, theatres, restaurants, and museums. The Environmental festival was ok for me. The event had a very corporate feel Coca- Cola had a booth. I'm sorry but I don't think environmental friendly when I think soda pop.

The artwork was interesting but a lot was cliche, pictures of natural "beautiful" sites and sculptures made to toy soldiers and other plastics. Interesting but not thrilling, I'm not sure what I was expecting from the UN and local government. I was spoiled on Saturday when I stopped at a Grass Roots environmental justice event at City Hall.

Without fancy exhibits or big sponsors the rally had interesting speakers from around the country talking about everything from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuse to closing the PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant due to the pollution it generates in the Bay View/Hunters Point Community. The diverse environment justice rally had the issues and heart.

Sunday afternoon at Crissy Field Golden - Golden Gate Bridge in Background

Watching Wind Surfers at Crissy Field


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