Saturday, June 04, 2005

Friday let's just skip work, I met up with a friend in San Francisco's Civic Center on Golden Gate Blvd. Friday evening, we started walking west on Golden Gate Blvd through the Western Addition and made our way to the Richmond District. It was a pleasant walk a few miles, I should have taken some pictures of the homes. There was a cute little salt box house that caught my eye, unfortunately its' sale price is $799,000. Anyway, I didn't eat lunch at work, it was around 7:00 PM and I was starving. Thank Goodness my hood has a collection of restaurants and fast food joints. I headed straight to the Subway, grabbed a footlong veggie sandwich and headed to our neighborhood theatre the Four Star. I'm not a big TV fan and I don't have cable, so Friday nights are movie night for me.

One reason I like the Four Star the small theatre size. I know that's usually an oxymoron
for theatre goers. But the Four Star has rows with only two seats. This is perfect for couples and individuals who sneak in sandwiches, buy popcorn and other goodies. I needed two seats to organize my fast food feast.

The two movies I saw were Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle. Sin City was a little disappointing, like many comic books the artwork was very good, creative set design, lighting, interesting use of black/white. But like so many comics with good graphics I found like dialog a bit played out. Also, it female characters were only pseudo-strong always showing deference to their male characters . Whether they were called warriors or not they were pretty much wimps.

Unlike Kung Fu Hustle whose one fighting female was always a leader or equal partner in her own right. Kung Fu Hustle was fun, it had a few slow parts but overall I was glad it was the second feature. It made me laugh with it's silliness yet provided me with good mindless distracting action for a Friday evening.


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