Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday, the sun finally came out, thank goodness, I was afraid the weekend was going to look like Thursday misty and wet. Work was fine, rather quiet, I was definitely living for the weekend and this evening I was going to enjoy my first baseball game of the season.

I met some of my co-workers after work at SBC previously known as PacBell Park for the Giants versus Oakland A's. game. I went to the stadium before the tailgate to pick up my chapper, the evening give away. Walking through the stadium prior to the game provided me the opportunity to enjoy the park without the crowds, seeing the pre-game players warm up and the vendors preparing their over priced goodies.

Afterward I walked to the stadium's parking lots and checked out the tailgate, my first tailgate experience. Everyone was hanging out around the car eating and talking. I was starving, hadn't eaten lunch again and boy I was hungry for a hot dog. I have them so infrequently that they're a treat. My co-worker who organized the tailgate brought tons of goodies, peanuts, cracker jacks, soda, chips I was in junk food heaven and to top it off I bought cotton candy.

Well the group was split between Giants fan and Oakland fans the Oaktown folks had their evening in the Midnight sun. The Giants didn't look very good, without Barry Bonds the fans seemed to lack at certain energy. I stayed true but my Giants but needed the energy of many to help pull them through. I was taunted that evening by rowdy A's fans but remember the words of wisdom "She who laughs last laughs best"

Revenge shall be mine and the three game series

Giants Pre-game warm-up -SBC Stadium

Looking for Barry -Giants pre-game warmup


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