Sunday, May 15, 2005

The alarm rung this morning and for a moment I thought freak, how did I set my alarm on the weekend. Then I remembered today was Bay to Breakers Sunday and I needed to get up and get going.. My walking partner was late waking up so we actually started the run/ fun walk around Van Ness Ave. we missed the first 2 miles. For those who don't know Van Ness Ave. is a main passageway in San Francisco. It runs north to south; driving north will get you to Fisherman Wharf / Golden Gate Bridge. The Southern route will take you through various San Francisco neighborhoods, I believe it ends in the Mission District renamed South Van Ness.

Starting late was ok we traditionally finish the race early veering off the path to our neighborhood diner, the Video Cafe for breakfast. Today since we started late we actually finished the race by walking to Ocean Beach. For the majority of the participants Bay to Breakers is really an excuse for a nice morning walk and site seeing, there are folks wearing costumes, walking butt naked or sharing music from their homes.

I really like listening to the different types of music as we walk through San Francisco neighborhoods. I heard James Brown more than anyone else today but I also heard Parliament, Sex Pistons, and the Ramones so you really get a mix of high energy tunes.

The sun didn't come out today in San Francisco, at least not on the West part of the City. But we didn't get rain and the fog was a cool canopy as we transverse Golden Gate Park. Afterward, we relaxed with our meals
and cups of coffee a little sore but already thinking about next year's walk.

Hayes Street Hill, a horde of humans as far as the eyes can see

What's Bay to Breakers without a group of nudist jogging around?

My favorite political sign - Arnold in full Pension Raider Glory

Bison trying to sleep in Golden Gate Park


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