Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday morning my alarm rung for work oops......my chance for a good sleep-in was ruined. Then phone started the ring, ring, ring, many mornings I would be flattered but this morning I just wanted to sleep. With family visiting it was a busy day, we started at my favorite neighborhood diner Big Heart Video Cafe. A 24 hour cafe and video store, Big Heart serves a hearty breakfast, nothing fancy but tasty banana pancakes, descent home fries and a coffee cup which never stays empty for long. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome whenever you come.

Afterward, we hit the Haight and Union Square for shopping, the trips were successful but driving was a pain. Driving this weekend is making me miss riding the bus. Parking is either expensive or a time consuming pain.

We had dinner at Powell's Place, a soul food restaurant which has relocated to the Fillmore District. I've been wanting to check out Powell's for months. First let me compliment them on their new space, it's bright, spacious, and has simple elegance. Also, the restaurant has a soul/jazz juke box which was a listening pleasure. The staff was friendly and down home.

The menu is standard soul flair, I had meat loaf which came with a healthy serving of veggies and potatoes. But we tried to order a side of greens and they were out. Ahhhhhhh..................no greens..........Ahhhhhh oh well gotta try them next time. I enjoyed dining at Powell's, they have a Gospel dinner on Sunday I'm going to check it out soon.

After dinner we headed to Herbst Theatre to see/hear Dee Dee Bridgewater, another wonderful jazz vocalist in the San Francisco Jazz Festival. Dee Dee Bridgewater is a graceful and wonderful performer, she is so energetic that I could only marvel at her stamia. Her singing was powerful and beautiful, the ballads for me were really great. My favorite was Horace Silver, A song for my father, just beautiful, I didn't even know the song has lyrics. Also, Kenny Burrell composition, A tribute to Ella, and Dee Dee 's re-arranged Love for Sale were fantastic.

The concert was enjoyable, also my frugal needs were satified. The SF Jazz festival has student rush prior to many shows and we were able to buy two tickets for the price of one. Go out and support these wonderful artists and check for discounts, stretch your dollar and share the love.


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