Friday, April 01, 2005

Entry 1 China Trip On our way

Before I left the USA I looked at my apartment, it was trashed, I did not have time to clean my pad. I'll have to deal with it when I get home. SFO International Airport was a breeze there was no problem with security and the lines weren't very long. The 12 hour flight on Air China went well except for the lack of leg room - I was forced to sit up straight. - well it's better for my back so I shouldn't complain. They provided plenty food, this was not the menu of a domestic flight. I think international flights are the only flights that feed the flyers.

Julie met us at the airport in Beijing after getting our luggage we grabbed a taxi and made our way through Beijing traffic, It was very congested, their rush hour must last late into the evening. We made it to our hotel North Garden Hotel which is near a main shopping drag. The street was full of people on foot and bicycles, the stores were open with prices that caught my eyes.

The weather was rainy and overcast, I was the only person I saw wearing a dress. We had dinner that even at Quanjude a restaurant established in 1864. There specialty is Roast Duck, we dined in a private room, our group seven travelers and one guest enjoyed the evening with good food and conversation. I'm not usually a duck person but the food was very good! We had two ducks, cod, mushroom soup, veggies, mushroom and scallops very tasty. We finish dinner around 10:00 PM, didn't sleep well on the flight but I feel ok


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