Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Saturday was the last dry day in the bay. It has been raining since Sunday, usually I don't mind. Rain means snow in the mountains, an opportunity to cross-country ski in wonderful conditions. Alas, I'm booked for other activities this weekend -N -E -WAY Saturday morning started with breakfast and strolling with a good friend. The afternoon was spent washing laundry and participating in other necessary but mundane activities. Dirty cloths can create excitement but it isn't the type of excitement you want directed toward you.

In the evening, I hopped a bus (sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in SF who likes Muni- It was right on time) and made my way across town to the Roxie Cinema to catch Blueberry a film showing at the San Francisco Independent film festival. When my bus rolled pass the theatre toward the bus stop, I could see the line in front of the theatre was long and I was 30 minutes early. The movie was soldout but there was a rush line, fortunately a friend was already in line, as 7:00 came and went we were still standing outside and by luck made it in.

BlueBerry is a psychedelic Western, based on a comic book which I didn't know and it's probably good, I could just enjoy the movie as a strange addition to the western genre. What is interesting about the film is it completely fall within the mode of a traditional Western except the ultimate battle happened on a spiritual plain aka psychedelic Western freakout instead of a gun fight. I enjoyed the movie it was fun.

Afterward, we went to the Panhandle to Sacredgrounds Cafe to listen to music. Unfortunately, driving isn't as easy as -the bus fuss- so it took a while to find parking. When we finally arrived we enjoy some wonderful singing, wine, and tea in a comfortable space.


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