Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Life isn't fair..........that little adage is really true. I found out today that a hard working knowledgeable co-worker didn't get the position he deserved. It was really depressing, those who deserve rarely seem to get justice....those who sleaze around many times get rewarded. Seeing this wasn't easy I tried to distract myself after work by going to the Red Vic to see Lightning in a Bottle at blues documentary.

The film was a mix bag some of the performances were great, the theatre audience applauded during the film. Ruth Brown, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Sonny Burke, Larry Johnson Odetta, Mavis Staples, Shemekia Copeland, Robert Cray and BB King just to name a few gave great performances. However, David Johansen this guy was strangely bad where's Simon when you need him!

The concert organizer added these none blues singers like Aerosmith and Chuck D, I would have preferred Koko Taylor and other blues singers. Also, the film implied it was going to provide a blues history let just say the lesson was little weak. Also, as usual the Classic Blues singers were ignored except for a photograph of Bessie Smith, Clara Smith and Ethel Waters. Natalie Cole sung Saint Louis Blues but this didn't cut the muster for me. Anyway, I'm curious about the DVD maybe it will include additional performers from the concert.

The movie worked to distract me until it was over then my mind wandered back to what transgressed during the day. The Blues can lift your spirits and give you strength but we have to take that strength an act.


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