Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lagging and snagging today, I felt fine until my powerbar and black coffee breakfast, I've had a slight headache ever since. Hopefully a good night sleep will completely remove this annoyance in my noggin.

I'm burnt from my Bay area to Southern California drive, the weather was rough rain, rain and more rain. On Friday I drove Interstate 5 down the State with a friend and her 3 year old daughter. On the drive down we saw a tire blow- thankfully the driver kept control , a horrible accident with a fatality, a landslide and multiple crashes. Driving wasn't actually bad except for the grapevine, the heavy rain, low laying clouds made it treacherous. Thank goodness I enjoy driving, we stopped for dinner at Buena Park at Knox Berry Farm for their World Famous Chicken Dinner. Many evenings there's a hour wait because of the rain we were able to walk right in get seated and enjoy our meal. Knox Berry Farm has three hour free parking which reasonable but you have to ask for directions to the lot.

After dinner we drove to our Time-Share about a mile from Disneyland , the area around the park has changed so much from when I was a teenager. They've completely developed the area I'm still amazed at how things have changed so quickly in the last few years.

Friday night and Saturday morning it rained hard but by the afternoon the rain started to declined and by the late afternoon we headed over to California Adventure. This was my first time checking out this park. I've heard so many stories about California Adventure being boring that my expectation were rather low. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, CA isn't for the speed ride freaks but it was pleasant. There are rides the toddlers enjoyed, a theatrical presentation (Disney Musical of the Alladin) and a decent roller-coaster in California Screaming.

I always have mixed feelings about Disneyland the commercialism and the products and images Disney promotes and sales but I tried to leave my critical eye at the door. However, our second day brought my concerns somewhat to the fore front. The second day we went to Disneyland unfortunately it started raining as soon as we enter the park. We could deal the the weather, the problem was one of the 3 year olds was very frighten by the Disneyland images. Whether is was Snow White the musical, the Mad Toad Ride, or Pinocchio all the images where scary. Actually all these rides and shows contain violent images I really couldn't blame her.

Even in the rain Disneyland was full of people we left after a few hours and had a nice dinner at home. The drive back up Interstate 5 was fine after the grapevine. Folks were passing me up and tail gating at 85 mph. It was a nice trip, the weather put just made slight damper on the activities.

The Golden Gates in Southern California

Hidden Tiger Spinning Turtle

It's a Bug's Life


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