Sunday, February 13, 2005

Friday I was planning to have a quiet evening at home, but it wasn't meant to be. I received a last minute call from a friend who received passes to HBO Northern California Premiere of Lackawanna Blues at Fort Mason in the Cowell Theatre. I saw the play written and performed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson at the ACT Theatre a few years ago and I don't have cable so I was very interested in seeing this TV - filmversion of Santiago-Hudson coming to age story.

Fort Mason is in the Marina District and getting there on a Friday evening was a challenge. I was late when I entered the theatre but a group laggers including me where rushed in and my luck was good I went directly to a seat next the friend who invited me.

The play Lackawanna blues was a solo performance, I enjoyed seeing the difference characters come to life through the wonderful cast of the film. Epatha Merkerson as Rachel 'Nanny' Crosby was great. Macy Gray, my first time seeing her perform in a movie and Terrence Howard one of my favorite actors were both were very good.

The story was full of music and dancing and I have a soft spot for Louis Jordan and the blues. Seeing those party scenes and hearing those great songs performed by Mos Def and Barry Shabaka Henley made me wish for a time machine. Films present stylize memories but I sure wish I could experience a rockin rollin Louis Jordan concert.

After the film, we were leaving and we walked into the after-party - we had no idea. Good sponsership has privilege! It was very nice live music, food and drinks - we danced a little enjoyed pleasant conversation it was a very nice evening.

Look for Lackawanna Blues on HBO if you have cable.


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