Monday, January 03, 2005

Thank goodness for friends, I was in the process of oversleeping big time Sunday morning. If the phone hadn't rung I would have slept throughout the morning/afternoon. Maybe the pitter patter of rain lulled me into a deep slumber.

I rushed to meet an acquaintance at the Legion of Honor it was the last day of the Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya exhibit. Heed my words, try not to visit museums on the last day of an exhibit. The crowd was crazy, it was very difficult to look at the pieces. I was lucky to hook up with a docent who gave an overview of the exhibit. I think she ended early because some of the rooms were almost impossible to walk through. Afterward I was able to cruise the exhibit with a little insight.

This exhibit focused on the City of Palenque and the warrior culture of the Mayans. There is so little still known about the Mayans that I wonder how much presented about Mayan culture was speculation. But I did learn that the word cigar is Mayan in origin. I couldn't help but think about societies, how they collect wealth, practice militarism, and a course eventually fail. One thing interesting about the Mayan is their "God L" is the prince of the underworld as well as a the wealthy god of commerce and trade. With all their interest in trade and wealth they culturally recognized the abuse of excessive commerce. But who knows if this concern was actually acted on.

The Legion of Honor is one of the most beautiful museum in San Francisco its' location provides wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the California coast. The museum is a grand marble house very stately. It also houses a substantial collection of the sculptor Rodin works.....including the well known Thinker.

Walking in the rain with my museum partner we headed to the Bok Choy Garden a neighborhood veggie restaurant in the Richmond District. It's not a fancy place but the service is friendly and the food is veggie hearty and reasonably priced. It was a full pleasant day to start the New Year.


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