Sunday, January 30, 2005

Saturday morning I was still recovering from Thursday's night dance fest; I really didn't get to sleep that early Friday night and a friend called early Saturday morning. But it was a beautiful day and I wasn't planning to enjoy it only in bed. Downtown I ventured to San Francisco Modern Museum of Art (SFMOMA) for an Artist Talk by Kara Walker who is known for her socially political silhouette pieces. The themes of her work cover race and slavery in America she's considered somewhat controversal. Unfortunately the lecture was soldout, darn art students, so we made our way to Union Square there's a cafe on the square and it's a great place to people watch. While I was negative on the Union Square upgrade and new design I have to admit the square is now more inviting to people and truth be told while I would walk through the old square I never hung out.

After coffee we headed down to Sutter Street to check out the gallery scene. Sutter Street is one of my favorite streets to walk. It's full of galleries, theatres, interesting shops and the residents are pleasant. The street always feels safe and I've walked the Sutter many evenings just to enjoy the pleasant sites.

First stop was Hotel Des Arts, it's an interesting spot , local artists decorate the rooms with their work. The wall are decorated with mini-murals and art pieces are also for sale. The hotel is a gallery, Hotel Des Arts is a simple hotel with a nice concept its' location is good, small rooms but neat. Afterward we headed to John Berggruen Gallery off Sutter to see Timothy Greenfield-Sanders XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits. Ok my friend wanted to checkout this exhibit but I was game. I found the photographs somewhat interesting you're trying to interpret something about these individuals by viewing matching photographs one a nude juxtapose with one of them fully clothed. But they're actors/performers who work in the nude I wasn't completely convince the pictures exposed much about the individuals except they're very comfortable nude.

Next stop Hang Art, another space on Sutter Street, the galleries focus is local and new artists. I really enjoyed this gallery it is a large comfortable space and the prices are affordable.

We finished at the San Francisco Museum of Craft+Design the museum was in between exhibits but was still open to the public. It was kind of cool seeing the museum in transition, it felt like some type of deconstruction piece with bits and pieces of exhibits coming and going. Their next exhibit NOUVELLE NUPTIALS: New Visions in Wedding Traditions is opening next week I'll return to checkout the completed exhibition.

Afterward, we continued walking on Sutter until we found a cafe with a good window seat. We ended the evening with pleasant conversation and sugar cookies.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Didn't make it in this Saturday another injustice!

The Hotel Des Arts - Art Room Funky living SF Style


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