Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Years in San Francisco was wet and rainy, winter has hit the Bay Area, guess it's time for an umbrella.

On Saturday evening after strolling through the Haight and downtown, I made my way to Bart and headed to Berkerley, I was invited to the Berkeley Repertory Theatre to see Polk County a play written by Zora Neal Hurston and Dorthy Waring. A course Zora the women she's one of the most interesting writers from the Harlem Renaissance do I really need to say more?
Polk County is a musical comedy about Black country folks living in Polk Country Florida. The play is set in the 1920's in a Saw Mill Camp the characters live, love, make music, fuss and fight. Polk County provides an enjoyable night of theatre, if you're looking for something profound you might have some issues with the script. It's a light theatre piece, the country blues music is very good and the writing with it's folk dialect and wit is full of lines that had me laughing out loud. It's the first time I saw the dozens on stage (in a literal sense). The performances were well done I especially enjoyed Kecia Lewis as Big Sweets her strong performance and beautiful voice filled the theatre.

A couple of comments on the Berkeley Rep. it's close to public transit, the theatre is clean, spacious and comfortable, it's an enjoyable space.


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