Friday, January 28, 2005

I woke up this morning singing a Madonna dance tune after about 4- 5 hours of sleep. This was good residue from an exhausting Thursday which started with a deep teeth cleaning which left my mouth aching for half the day and no I don't smoke. Afterward I continued to work, had a beauty salon appointment, a three hour evening Unix Security class, and finished the evening hanging at two clubs Rasseles and the Cat Club .

10:00 PM Thursday the San Francisco streets were wet but the showers had shorten, it appeared that the storm was dissipating. When I headed out to Rasseles I wasn't sure what to expect but my main goal was to find live music and a comfortable spot to chill. Rasseles met these basic requirements the Afro Cuban band Descarga was playing smooth Latin sounds. The clubs' mood was pleasant but not jumping, it was a slow night. My friend desired a more lively venue with dancing and we found it at the Cat Club.

The Cat Club was the direct opposite of Rasseles, packed with people their wasn't a band but two rooms with DJs spinning tunes from the 80's primary New Wave with a little mixing of pop and Hip-Hop rhythms. While Rasseles had an older mixed crowd the Cat Club was filled with 20's year olds who were dancing their butts off or performing an exhibitionist sleazy fantasy. I was people watching as much as I was dancing, it was lively, interesting and fun and the DJ's were doing their New Wave thang. If you're looking for a place to dance on Thursday night and you like 80's New Wave music the Cat Club is a good choice. If your mood is mellow and you're hankering for live music and a fireplace then Rasseles should be your choice. Both are good it's a choice thang they are both pleasant ways a spend a rainy Thursday night.

Made it to bed around 3:00 AM, on Friday I was a zombie ghoula girl but at work who would notice?


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