Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Today was a quiet day for me externally, I worked on a few server problems at work chatted with the boss. Went shopping after work for the office x-mass party and came home for dinner and to study for my Jazz History final tomorrow.

But internally I had this nagging feeling of dread all day, Gary Webb was found dead this weekend apparently from Suicide. Webb was the investigative journalist who reported in the San Jose Mercury how drugs were being sold in African-American communities in Los Angeles to help fund the war against the Contras in Nicaragua with CIA involvement-Dark Alliance.

I though about Webb, a white guy who didn't go along with the status quo. An individual who reported a story that created the national outrage for the wrong reasons.His career as a journalist was destroyed. His brethren trivialized and undermined his reporting....I haven't forgot the so-called liberal press with their caustic remarks.

Thank-you Gary Webb, your reporting a story our country didn't want to hear. If this place has any potential it's because of individuals like you.


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