Sunday, December 05, 2004

This week after Thanksgiving just zoomed on by, oh well it's Friday and I haven't finish unpacking my single bag from Las Vegas. But the luggage can wait that's not going to stop me from checking out some cinema this evening.

Something has to get back in balance, I hopped on the bus (38 Geary) and headed downtown to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for the next three Fridays they are showing Tunde Kelani films. Kelani is a Nigerian Filmmaker whose films are created for the Nigerian local film markets. Shot of video these films are shown in small video theatres in West Africa. I had heard of this film industry in Nigeria but I have never seen any of films. i was expected a light-weight but fun film.

I was late for the movie the bus was moving slowly and a course a Coo-Coo for Koko Puffs Soul brother got on the bus. It's strange to watch someone yelling and people continue to have conversations like nothing usual is happening. ....Anyway I ran to the museum/screening room and I wasn't too late 10 minutes.

The film I saw was Campus Queen, which was described as School Daze -ish the film is based on a campus and it's a musical but after that the similarities ended. The soap opera-ish film dealt with two competing school groups a gang of rich kids and a do-gooders group who uses blackmail is really a different piece.

The film is light weight but I enjoyed the pace and visually the video looks very good. Campus Queen is really a soap opera with a nice political hip hop musical pieces and I'll be back next week to see Thunderbolt.


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