Sunday, December 19, 2004

Saturday one week before Christmas, well I spent the day working on my Jazz assignment. I can't believe (yes I can) how difficult it is for me to write this term paper. Oh well, I have until Tuesday so I have to get it together ASAP.

Saturday night I met some friend in the Western Addition for dinner and show. We were going to The Independent to see the band Kinky. If you live in San Francisco and partake in clubbing it's impossible not to know the Independent however you probably know the club under another name. The Kennel Club, Crash Palace or the Justice League.

We met in Herbivore a vegan restaurant for dinner. I'm not sure who own Herbivore but I'm always impressed by the diversity of the staff.
The environment was pleasant, price are reasonable and the food was good. Herbivore is only about a block from The Independent so it was a short walk to the club. I'm hadn't been in the "New Independent" so I was curious to see if there were any changes to the club. Well I can say yes!

They moved the bar, added a sitting area and the walls were redone. Previously they were just black. The Justice League had this nasty habit of late, late shows. The main act coming on at midnight. The new management started on time and the main act came on after a 30 minutes stage setup- great. Bye-Bye Justice League long live The Independent. The opening band Bat Makumba came on at 9:00 they were a fun dance band with good musicians. A Brazilian Funk band, I'll keep my eyes open to see when they perform again it isn't everyday I see the clarinet being played at a dance concert.

Kinky came on afterward, Latin Rock seems more funky than American rock these guys were rapping, mixing, using electronica and playing an energetic rock guitar. A lot was happening on stage, it was fun I danced through the whole set. I've wanted to see Kinky for at least a year glad I had some friends to enjoy them with.

Below are a few KINKY PICS


The Cowboy was really cool - dude with black hat

They kept the club jumping


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