Monday, December 06, 2004

It was supposed to rain this Sunday but the weather is stayed dry, great I was able to get a few chores done even with my 11:00 AM wakeup call. I'm biologically challenged this weekend so I'm lagging what can I say????

Sunday evening I went to the Lorriane Hansberry Theatre to see Black Nativity and afterward dined with friends. I've seen Black Nativity for the last few years and after seeing the same holiday production things can get a little stale. Fortunately the production was upgraded this season and the show was very enjoyable. The singing was fantastic; Robin Hodge Williams who's the feature singer was right on it.

Written by Langston Hughes in 1961, Black Nativity is a retelling of the birth of Christ within a gospel musical format. I highly recommend seeing the play. Support the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre and enjoy a joyful musical night of theatre.


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